Red night at WWV

WWVB antennas loom over the WW0WWV SES in October 2019 on a foggy night.

WWV ARC Registration

Welcome and thank you for your interest in WWV ARC!

WWV ARC is a non-profit club for enthusiasts of radio station WWV. You do not need to be a radio operator; anyone interested in NIST science, HamSCI, and radio station WWV is welcome.

Membership in WWV ARC has two levels:

  • Standard - $20.00 USD per year
  • Student - $10.00 USD per year (K-College)
An additional $1 will be added to on-line registration fees to cover the cost of credit card processing.

We are charging and extra dollar for online memberships to help cover costs incurred by credit card processing.

Memberships are per calendar year from January 1st through December 31st. New memberships start now and extend through the end of 2022.

Please follow this link to begin the online registration process. Use this link for new registrations only. Register

If you would rather register and become a member via postal mail please use this link to download a membership form you can print, fill out and mail to WWVARC. Membership Form